COVID 19 Guidance For Campaigns

The Democratic Party of Illinois wants everyone to be safe and healthy.  With the emergence and spread of Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19), everyone should take the necessary precautions to protect voters, volunteers, candidates, staff and all others involved in the election process. 
Additional information is available at the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website by clicking HERE.

The Centers for Disease Control also sent out the following emergency guidance relating to precautions and steps poll workers and polling places should be taking to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by clicking HERE.  

Please contact the Democratic Party of Illinois at 217-546-7404 with any questions.

Take Advantage of Early Voting


It’s extremely important for you to vote in this Primary Election. There are good people who wish to represent you. To earn my endorsement, one must have knowledge of the issues germane to the office, being of sound character, having a track record and exhibiting selflessness in their words and deeds. Those we elect to represent us should have the ideals of inclusion, fairness and prosperity for all. That’s why you have supported my all of these years. That’s why I hold candidates to the same standard. Please encourage your family and friends to vote up and down the entire Democratic ticket. Visit my Endorsements Webpage to learn more about the candidates I am supporting and for a listing of early voting locations sites in the 2nd Congressional District. 

Al Riley

State Central Committeeman, 2nd Congressional District

Delegate Information Sessions in Bradley and Chicago Heights


We all know that all elections are important, but the 2020 Presidential Election is of paramount importance because of the current state of leadership in the nation.  The 2020 Democratic National Convention will be held in Milwaukee from July 13 to the 16th.  If you’ve ever wondered how convention delegates are chosen or how to become a delegate, this is the place to be. 

 The Democratic Party of Illinois and I as a member of the State Central Committee are conducting delegate information sessions in the Second Congressional District.  They are going to be held at numerous places throughout the State of Illinois, in every Congressional District.  

Please plan on attending, bring your friends, meet people from the Democratic Party of Illinois and learn about the selection process.  Below, you will see two locations that you can attend.  Attend the meeting that is geographically feasible for you.  If you have questions, call the Democratic Party of Illinois or send an email to the contact information on the flyer. To sign up, click on the registration link.  Again, please come out and encourage your friends to come to this important information session. We hope to see you there.

Al Riley

State Central Committeeman, 2nd Congressional District of Illinois