Schools and School Funding

Despite the Governor’s statements about “full funding of schools” many school districts are at least two payments, if not more in arrears on the receipt of mandated categorical. Mandated categorials are payments to local school districts such as for Special Education, Summer School, and Transportation. In addition, the Governor’s proposed […]

Education Group Visits Statehouse

Updated: Wednesday, March 11 2015, 09:21 AM CDT
Education groups visited the statehouse on Tuesday to discuss the state’s funding of public schools.
They came from all over the state, and voiced concerns to lawmakers. The concerns included the state’s failure to meet funding promises, and growing inequality of funding between districts.
But lawmakers say there is at least one point of contention.
“I maintain that even though we’re under these mandates, there are things you have an advantage in some of the flat grant districts that other districts don’t have,” said Rep. Al Riley (D-Olympia Fields).
A House committee is set to discuss a plan to change the state’s funding formula for schools on Wednesday.Read More at:

South Suburban Students Advocate for Educational Funding in Springfield

South Holland, IL-(ENEWSPF)  South Suburban College students traveled to Springfield recently to participate in Student Advocacy Day and Legislative Awareness Day. Students from the college’s Student Life & Leadership Department, Student Government, and Division of Adult Education worked together as the events were set up for the same day this […]