Introducing the Integrity Party Of Rich Township slate

My motivation as an elected official has always been to help our region develop physically, culturally and socially to the greatest extent possible.  Thank you for your support as we’ve achieved many of those goals, and supported good candidates together over the years. 

I am counting on your support again as I endorse and support a great slate of candidates to lead the elected offices of Rich Township.  I would also be honored to continue to have your support as I campaign for re-election as Rich Township Supervisor. Now more than ever, we need transparency, accountability and personal responsibility in local government.  The Integrity Party of Rich Township slate reflects a diverse slate of candidates from government, education, labor and business owners and administrators.  These dedicated and honest candidates will represent Rich Township well as we continue to strive for good, effective government; hence the apt name of the slate.

Efficient local government works hand in hand. Rich Township provides services that are unique to townships and are vital to its residents. Services such as General Assistance for the indigent, an acclaimed Food Pantry, an award-winning Transportation department, property tax appeals, senior services programming, voter registration, road and bridge maintenance and more. The Integrity Party of Rich Township slate endeavors to innovate, educate and continue to efficiently provide these services and work with local municipalities to optimize service delivery to our constituents. Stay tuned for more important information about Township Government generally and IPRT’s plan of operation specifically.  Thank you for your interest in good government.


Al Riley 

Take Advantage of Early Voting


It’s extremely important for you to vote in this Primary Election. There are good people who wish to represent you. To earn my endorsement, one must have knowledge of the issues germane to the office, being of sound character, having a track record and exhibiting selflessness in their words and deeds. Those we elect to represent us should have the ideals of inclusion, fairness and prosperity for all. That’s why you have supported my all of these years. That’s why I hold candidates to the same standard. Please encourage your family and friends to vote up and down the entire Democratic ticket. Visit my Endorsements Webpage to learn more about the candidates I am supporting and for a listing of early voting locations sites in the 2nd Congressional District. 

Al Riley

State Central Committeeman, 2nd Congressional District

Representative Riley and local leaders endorse David Bonner

Representative Riley thinks it very important for people to have trust in their government and trust in their elected officials. South suburban elected officials have worked together and collaborated on many issues facing the Southland. Many people have said that we want someone we can trust; just like we trusted you.

The candidate that Representative Riley is backing is David Bonner from Matteson. David has supported many elected officials in the south suburbs for years. He started walking door to door when he was in high school. David is also supported by Congresswoman Robin Kelly and the late Rich Township Democratic Organization Township Democratic Committeeman Tim Bradford.

David Bonner is no stranger to Springfield having worked as an Assistant Attorney General at the Attorney General’s office. He represented state officials and employees in state and federal court and prosecuting employers for violating state labor laws. As the Assistant State’s Attorney at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, he represented Cook County officials and employees in civil rights lawsuits. He is currently working as a legal advisor at the U.S. Army Inspector General at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.