The Senior Center is fully operational except for some in-person activities. These charts and the early COVID outbreak at the Ludeman Center prompted modified activities.

Rich Township Supervisor Al Riley response to Senior mail piece

They’re at it again, but this time they’re using our seniors in their political misinformation mail pieces. First of all, the Rich Township Senior Center is operational, albeit under strict COVID mitigation protocols as directed by IDPH. A recent Rich Township newsletter profiles our Meals on Wheels program, our vital in-home care program, which are fully operational. Volunteers and staff are there every day. We’ve implemented virtual activities to replace the in-person classes. We have our monthly newsletter to seniors and periodic well-being checks by telephone. That doesn’t sound like the senior center being closed to me, despite the mailer with the jagged letters and glasses I haven’t worn in over a decade.

Unfortunately, parts of our area, especially around where the senior center is located, was one of the largest COVID hotspots in the metropolitan area, especially for people age 60 or over. So, it was common sense and good health policy to postpone on-site services until we are told that it is safe to do so. We know for a fact that our clients would much rather give up playing bunko and line dancing for a while, in exchange for being able to see their grandchildren safely one day. The piece then rolls out the same lies and misinformation that you’ve seen on many of their other mail pieces.

As I said before, someone that would stoop to these levels are not fit to develop policy for you and certainly not to spend your tax dollars. Go to to learn more about the Integrity Party of Rich Township and again, see these baseless claims addressed.

Thank you.   

Rich Township Supervisor Al Riley