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Message from State Representative Al Riley

One of the most important goals for me in Springfield was to always ensure that the policy that we pass in the form of legislation is fair and equitable. This is both for the people of the 38th District primarily, but also for the rest of the state. This year, the General Assembly overrode the Governors’ veto and passed the first state budget in 2 ½ years; averting junk bond status. This budget fully funded our schools, restored funding for higher education, provided MAP grants for students, took care of the health needs of the most vulnerable among us, among myriad other things. We also appropriated 3 billion dollars less to do all of these things.

If you need assistance with a state issue or would like a question answered about state issues affecting the Southland, please contact me at my constituent service office at (708) 799-4364 or email to sign up for my email blasts.

Access to government and those representatives that work on your behalf is what democracy is all about. The “Commons” is for everyone, not just for some. Anyone, anything or any ideology that would get in the way of your ability to govern yourself is anti-democracy. Your local elected officials are going to ensure that you continue that access from those of us who have dedicated ourselves to serve you, our constituents.