Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor:

This is an updated and more detailed version of the End Of Session synopsis that came out in June.  Working with many of my General Assembly colleagues representing the southern suburbs, we developed and passed a budget which restored vital funding to public education, public safety and human services without raising a single penny of taxes, despite the disingenuous drone from those who would denigrate our state.

The new state budget which took into effect, July 1, 2018 creates a $15 million surplus that will be used to pay down old bills.  We also unanimously passed out of the House an additional $1 billion to pay down the Governor’s backlog of old bills.  Unfortunately, the backlog of bills was preventable had the Governor signed or even line item vetoed the three budgets that the General Assembly sent to him the last three years.  So, things are markedly improving as we attempt to reverse the damage that inaction has done.

If you need assistance with a state issue or would like a question answered about state issues affecting the Southland, please contact me at my constituent service office at (708) 799-4364 or email news@alriley.com to sign up for my email blasts.


Al Riley

State Representative

For a PDF version of this legislative update, please click HERE.