Sam and James Walk Across America

Dear Friends:

Even with the forces attempting to divide this country, certainly all of you understand that there are more of us attempting to sustain and enhance our democracy. The Biden administration, through myriad actions, is rebuilding infrastructure, fighting poverty and homelessness, protecting public and women’s’ health and the right to exercise a citizens’ right to vote. Those top-down actions are emblematic of what it means to live in a civil society; a society that cares about our fellow person. Just as important are those daily actions that sometimes go unnoticed. That is, individuals doing things to help solve and raise consciousness about important societal problems. This is an example; two young men that could certainly be doing other things to enhance their lives and their futures. However, they are letting us know that their actions are enhancing their lives in their futures and that of others. It’s a little difficult to see, but please take a few seconds and watch the clip highlighting Sam Rezaei and James Dill’s trek across the country to combat homelessness in Chicago.