Message from State Representative Al Riley   Recently updated !

One of the most important goals for me in Springfield was to always ensure that the policy that we pass in the form of legislation is fair and equitable. This is both for the people of the 38th District primarily, but also for the rest of the state. This year, […]

No reforms? What about those bill signings?

State Journal Register –  Written by Bernard Schoenburg – Published August 26, 2017 When Gov. BRUCE RAUNER was in Naperville on Thursday and talked to reporters about a bill he approved concerning police pensions, he made a familiar claim. Rauner, who often points the finger of blame at House Speaker […]

Schools and School Funding

Despite the Governor’s statements about “full funding of schools” many school districts are at least two payments, if not more in arrears on the receipt of mandated categorical. Mandated categorials are payments to local school districts such as for Special Education, Summer School, and Transportation. In addition, the Governor’s proposed […]