Message from State Representative Al Riley

It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative for the 38th District. Last fall, I announced that I am not running for re-election. I am proud that I have earned your trust and pride as I became House Assistant Majority Leader, was a delegate to the Democratic […]

Representative Riley and local leaders endorse David Bonner

Representative Riley thinks it very important for people to have trust in their government and trust in their elected officials. South suburban elected officials have worked together and collaborated on many issues facing the Southland. Many people have said that we want someone we can trust; just like we trusted […]

House considers audit of online insurance portal problems

Story by John O’Connor – Associated Press -Published 10/25/2017 SPRINGFIELD — A resolution headed to the Illinois House floor Wednesday would require an audit of a $94 million online insurance portal and the performance of the only company that responded to the contract request. The State Government Administration Committee unanimously […]